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It is well documented that a desire for continued growth and learning is a necessary cornerstone for success and abundance in life.

The most prominent and successful leaders throughout history, both recent and times past, have been firm believers in the need for ongoing learning.

I became an avid reader at a very young age.  At one point, I even worked in library for a few years just so I could have more access to books more often. (This was pre- internet days!! LOL!)  Even today, with the internet, there still is nothing quite like the feel and smell of books.  Being able to touch, see and feel a book adds to the experience and journey of learning.

Today I am blessed to have a robust (and still growing) library of books.   Throughout my blog,  I choose to share some of my favorite  books.  My intention is that they can serve to increase your learning and abundance in your life as they have done mine.



My Favorite Books that You’ll Find in My Personal Library that I Read, Re-Read and Refer Others To:

Leadership Books


“The Success Principles”

Business Books

“Thank God It’s Monday”

“The E-Myth”

Networking Books

29% Solution

“Truth or Delusion… Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths”


“The Masters of Sales”

“The Secret of Closing the Sale”

“The Closers”