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Target Marketing: How to identify the right market to grow your business

By | January 13th, 2011|business, Marketing, marketing event, marketing plan, Success|

Hit The Target-BullseyeYou’ve heard the words “Target Markets” – but do you really understand what it means?

If you have ever been asked: “Who is your best target market?” and you didn’t know what to […]

Does Google Hate You?

By | January 11th, 2011|business, Marketing, marketing plan, marketing strategy, Success|

How do you know if  Google hates you (or at least your website and marketing efforts).

You’ll know by your answer to this question:  Are you showing up anywhere on Google for your best search terms?

You may have heard (and it’s true) that 65% of all Google […]

Those Silly Questions Part 2

By | January 8th, 2011|business, Faith, God, Health & Wellness, leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth, Prosperity, self development, Self Improvement, Success|

The question this year that I sought an answer for is: why do I do what I do? I have put a lot of thought to question-mark1that question.  And I believe I have the answer. The answer is […]

Those Silly Questions Part 1

By | January 7th, 2011|business, God, leadership, Mindset, self development, Self Improvement, Success|

Over the years I have been asked many times, “How do you do it?”  To those posing that question, I question-markswould ask  back, “How do I do what?”

They would reply, “How do you do all that you […]

Hot Marketing Strategies

By | January 6th, 2011|business, Marketing, marketing strategy|

But my business is different! Those marketing strategies won’t work for me” … have you ever said those dangerous words?

I get this all of the time: “My business is different. Your marketing strategies won’t work for me.”

Hmmm. Really… are you sure?

Because the last time I checked, ALL businesses:

1. Have competitors
2. […]

Integrity- My Word of the Year

By | January 5th, 2011|business, leadership, self development, Servant Leadership|

I am not sure why this personal habit of mine developed- but it’s pretty cool. (I seem to recall starting this activity about 5 years ago.)

Each year, right within the first day or two of January, I either develop a “Word of the Year” , a “Quote of the year” […]

Pet Peeve Rant- A Stand for Integrity

By | January 4th, 2011|Abundance, business, leadership, Marketing|

I  don’t often air my pet peeve’s publicly, but today I have to.   I have to stand up and speak about the breakdown of the moral fabric of integrity that I see going on around us.  Oh, I know. It’s always been there-but over the past few years, it can […]

Marketing Strategy Event for Contractors who want 2011 Business

By | November 8th, 2010|business, Marketing, marketing event, marketing plan, Speaking|

Breakthrough! 5 New Methods to Get More Leads,

Close Jobs & Look Like a Hero to Customers in 2011

This is a FREE event just for contractors who want

to get business in 2011.

If you have enough business already, this event is not for you.

This […]

Life Lessons

By | October 5th, 2010|Abundance, business, leadership, Mindset|

Life always creates opportunities for us to relive situations until we learn the lesson we’re supposed to.  Life is patient. It will keep bringing that same set of circumstances to pass until we decide to learn from them. Then.. life shows us something new to learn!

The ones […]

Ethics in leadership- what is your walk?

By | September 27th, 2010|business, leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth, self development, Self Improvement|

Ethics.  Simple word. Much involved in it. The last two weeks have had me in a leadership role overseeing actions, communication and ethical practices for people I have responsibility for.

One piece of wisdom and insight for all leaders to remember: we, when given a role of leadership, we serve others […]

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