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Life Lessons

By | 2010-10-05T21:07:28+00:00 October 5th, 2010|Abundance, business, leadership, Mindset|

Life always creates opportunities for us to relive situations until we learn the lesson we’re supposed to.  Life is patient. It will keep bringing that same set of circumstances to pass until we decide to learn from them. Then.. life shows us something new to learn!

The ones […]

Ethics in leadership- what is your walk?

By | 2010-09-27T07:10:51+00:00 September 27th, 2010|business, leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth, self development, Self Improvement|

Ethics.  Simple word. Much involved in it. The last two weeks have had me in a leadership role overseeing actions, communication and ethical practices for people I have responsibility for.

One piece of wisdom and insight for all leaders to remember: we, when given a role of leadership, we serve others […]

Debbra Sweet sharing a QuoteAction

By | 2010-03-28T19:11:34+00:00 March 28th, 2010|Mindset|

Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“Success and failure. We think of them as opposites, but they’re really not. They’re companions – the hero and the sidekick.”
Author, Laurence Shames

Your action for today is to think of three failures that were stepping stones to success.

Have an extraordinary day!

Debbra Sweet
Sweet […]

Leading with a Rock-N-Roll Attitude

By | 2018-01-09T07:23:31+00:00 February 28th, 2010|leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth, self development, Success|

Rock & Roll Deb Now

Lately the fact that I have been a Rock-n-Roll musician has been coming up often.  It’s funny because as a musician, I play much more than just Rock-n-Roll. In fact, […]

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