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Breakthrough to Success show with Jack Canfield was stellar!

How amazing to be with Jack Canfield for an hour talking about success principles and real world results!

From the first time I heard Jack speak, I was truly inspired by his genuine humility and desire that he has to really make a difference in people’s lives.  He is genuine through and through and the information he shared on the Power of Leadership Radio show this week was amazing.

If you have not taken the time to get his newest book, “The Success Principles”, I encourage you to run out, get it and start reading right away!  (Amazon ,  and B&N online are great too for getting your copy!) 

This could be the inspiration, wisdom and insights you’ve been waiting for to help yourself break through your own barriers.  As we’ve mentioned on th show, every day you have a choice. You have a choice to keep doing the same thing and quietly, silently wish for new results… or… you could choose to do something different and then follow through!

Missed the show?  Hear it in the archives: http://www.powerofleadershipradio.com/archive07-14-09.html

The great thing about the Power of Leadership archives is you can listen to it over and over- to really absorb and make your own – the information our guests bring to you.

Empower yourself today and let’s have a breakthrough year together!

Debbra Sweet & Jack Canfield

Debbra Sweet


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