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Do You Dream About Teeth?

Crazy thing. I woke up dreaming about selling toothpaste from my father in laws house!   That’s weird… right? I thought so…at first.

My ‘aha’ moment around why would I dream that:  it was a reflection of being back at a time in my life when I did whatever it took to accomplish a goal.  It’s about tenacity. It’s about vision. It’s about passion. It’s about living life on purpose, with passion, a fire in your belly so big that you’ll do whatever it takes, even if it doesn’t make sense to yourself or others.

The first business Daniel Sweet (my hubby) and I ever built together (which we successfully built and ran for 14 years before deciding to sell)- we started in his dad’s office. Borrowed the phone, the desk, the computer, the floppy drives, even borrowed a bit of money to buy equipment to make it happen.  We bootstrapped it. Got creative. Had a vision and drive to commit to ‘it’ every day, while also making sure we did things for fun that also were based on passion and had a vision.

The business was the vehicle for many things -back then- and since then.  The vision and passion based on a huge WHY>>>> that was the fuel. The catalyst.  

Sometimes the clarity of the vision, the dream, the goal may fade. It may get dirty, dusty, set aside or temporarily forgotten about.  Sometimes it’s not about forgetting. Sometimes you have to set the vision aside to go learn something new. Gain new skills. Get a new perspective. That’s ok. In fact, sometimes it’s better than ok. It’s what was needed at that very moment.

They key to success though- is having a vision for who you are, what you want to do and then surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, will support you through thick and thin. They will champion you, cheer you, kick you in the butt, guide you, give you wise counsel. They will never give up on you- as long as you do not give up on yourself.

Got a vision- even if it’s small, dusty, dirty, forgotten about? That’s GREAT!  You have a vision.

Are you hesitant to DO something about it? GREAT! That means your vision is big enough to work for. It will give you space and opportunity to grow.

Are you willing to at least take a step and try – especially if the teacher you need is standing right beside you, ready to guide you, hold your hand step by step so you can succeed?

This toothpaste opportunity came into my life in a subtle but bright way. Is my future to be all about toothpaste? Not sure.  Will I share it- you bet! Why? Because clearly, it’s a new vehicle for me to connect with, help others who have a desire to look good, feel great, make money easily (with little time or effort)- have fun.

The best part for me:
1. I can see that the one goal I had to make a dedicated income stream to ensure my boys can go to college- is happening.

2. Through this opportunity I’m connecting with, meeting amazing people I may have never met before.

3. I get to help change lives for the better. This one simple product is opening doors to create relationships that will support my biggest personal goal. It’s a doozy too!  I am on a mission to change how we educate entrepreneurs so they stop going broke and instead make bank.

That’s a simple statement with a LOT behind it (#3).  Today I will be working on details for my October event “Dare to Be DINO”. The change of the date is giving us some incredible new refinements to share with you.  (Ladies… be ready to get your tickets soon)

I’ll be working on my motivational speech for a college commencement this week. (Thank you Linda Simpkins-Berry). I’m prepping details for the wellness workshop I’m doing Sat (Thank you Robert Klemm)…. and I’m working with my specialty tradesmen and professionals to help them build a better business with effective marketing & business systems refinement.

So yes, I will dream about toothpaste since it’s one small thing that is fitting into many of my big WHY’s and to Dos.

What Dream(s) do YOU want to make happen? What do you need to make it happen? How can I help you?

Let’s do this. I Dare you To Dream Big. Do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Know that a teacher, with an open hand, is standing right beside you.

Live in your power, live in peace.

Debbra Sweet



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