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Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s is part of it.

Today I’m writing to you. You’ll know it’s you when you feel the ping in your heart.

First: know you are loved. Know you are appreciated. Know you are seen. Know you are heard..

Know you are meant for greatness, but fears and concerns about what others will think have held you back.

Those fears are not truly a part of you. Fears deceive and prevent us from greatness that is within.

Fears have been allowed to be rooted in your mind because you perceived ‘failures’ in your thoughts, actions, choices.

You did not fail. You learned.
You did not fall short. You rose to the occasion and tried.
You did not miss the mark. You took action.

YOU are meant for greatness but you need to be willing to let go of the beliefs that you don’t deserve success. YOU DO.

Are you ready to step into the FULLNESS of YOU? To receive the fullness of what love and life have to offer?

If so, comment below. Declare your commitment to learn how to be resilient as you discover the WHOLE YOU, the YOU with purpose, power, poise, grace. The YOU who has dreams that matter. The YOU who has value to give to serve others. The YOU who has a heart to learn and love.

Resilience is where you start. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Ready?

I’ve walked in your shoes, and continue to lead by example.

I was born to lead leaders. It’s what I do. Today, I call you out.
YOU are a leader. Are you ready to step up into the fullness of YOUR Role?

“Live in Your Power. Live in Peace”.

Hugs to you!

Debbra Sweet is a transformational catalyst. She is a trailblazer in universal leadership and entrepreneurial education so you have a proven path to create a better business, a better future, and a better foundation upon which to Thrive!

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, she blazes the trail leading others to take action for breaking through boundaries; achieving higher goals & creating a scalable, profitable business with peace of mind and R.O.I.

An entrepreneur since the age of 9, she now is the founder of  www.ThriveRightConsulting.com,

www.SweetMarketingSolutions.com, and the “Dare to Be D.I.N.O!” Business Leadership event.

She was involved with BNI since 1997 and served as a San Diego Director between 2004 -2018.   Today Sweet has distinguished herself by breaking boundaries in body, mind, and business and leads leaders Beyond Business.

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