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For me, the importance of a strong family unit is one of the most important core values that make of the essence of who I am.  Loyalty to the family, and those you call family, embodies leadership at it’s best.

My Quinn

I am thankful and express gratitude frequently to my family-  the family I was born into, the family I married into and those friends, clients and people I work with who I also consider family. I am thankful that through some very intense trials and tribulations, my mom and dad are still together. I am thankful that my husband and I have a solid relationship that has already spanned close to two decades with more to come.

I am thankful for my children and for the opportunity to share with them lessons I’ve learned along the way. I am thankful for the grace God’s looks upon me with – because it is in the biggest roles of first leading ourself, then having the opportunity to learn how to lead and have strong healthy, thriving relations within the family – that we can in turn, lead others.

Creating, nurturing and allowing a Godly family unit to exist takes work. I am not one who wears on her sleeve all the challenges that come with having a family unit that embraces respect for one another, allows for the personal growth of each individual – yet maintains a strong respect for having a family order based on God’s Word. There are days where it is simply a joy to be home and spend time with the kids. There are others where they truly test my patience and give me pause to go to God for the insight and direction on how to teach, lead and inspire them – yet keep the need for rules and discipline in order.


My Rayne

People have asked me many times “How do you do it?”  I always ask  for clarity on their thought and perspective of what IT is.  In almost every circumstance of this question arising, my first answer is “I have an amazing husband.” Followed by “We do our best to serve God and live by HIS order and ways”, then comes the insight about mutual, unwavering trust and open communication with one another.

Family is not always easy to be with, but if you yearn to have a tight family, born into or one of your choosing- you CAN have one filled with respect, love and open communication.  Just remember this-if you wish to receive that- you need to BRING it first.  Be a leader in your own life, set the example. Be willing to show some vulnerability. Know you will make mistakes. Know that if you keep your ego under wraps and are you are willing to learn, God laid the foundation for a strong, healthy, joy filled and abundant life even in the area of family.

My hubby Daniel and my ‘sista’ Kathy

God speed to you and yours,







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