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Getting Your Wants and Needs Parallel

Learning how to manifest an abundant life is just that: learning.  You need to learn what to do, when to do it, why to do it, how to do and then know what to with the abundance you’ve received once you have it. Let’s recap from our previous blogs.

 To manifest abundance here’s some of the growth steps we’ve covered:

  1. The most important thing you can do first is to clearly understand that you need to control your thinking- and you have the power and ability to do so.
  2. Know that everything that is in your life is a direct result of the choices you have made.  Everything you do revolves’ around choices.
  3. When choosing to create abundance in your life, you have to live intentionally.  You put momentum into your life when your thoughts are clearly, intentionally focused on what you want- (not on what you don’t want).
  4. Once you make the choice and create the vision you want for your life- begin by taking action.
  5. The next step is to create balance in your life.  Too much of anything is not healthy. To little of things is also not healthy.
    Are your wants and needs balanced?

    Are your wants and needs balanced?

Today we’ll take a look at the importance of having your wants and needs parallel.  This is tied into the universal law of balance.    Physics has verified this – for every action, there is an opposite reaction.  The universe can only thrive (and actually exist) when there is balance.  Anything out of balance ultimately destroys itself- often resulting in catastrophe, damage, disease and even death.

To create an abundant life, all areas of your life must be in balance. I shared that in the last few blogs.  Here’s how to understand the wants and needs being parallel.

In order for the universe to supply you with abundance, what you want, what you need first must be: 

  1. Available
  2. You need to know how to get it
  3. You need to know what to do with it once you have it
  4. There needs to be equilibrium between your NEEDS and your WANTS- they must be equal

If you have a great need for something in your life, but little want (desire, vision, or motivation to take action to receive it)- you won’t get it.

If you have a great want for something in your life- but there is a not the equal amount of need- you won’t get it. 

Abundance is huge and all around us- but abundance doesn’t always relate to excess.   Extreme excess of any one thing can often turn into spoilage- it can become stagnant, can self rot, decay and destroy itself.  (Remember the importance of ‘balance’?)

The excess desire – or a huge want- can often lead to a tunnel vision focus on that one thing. It can quickly become an obsessive desire- again, creating an imbalance in our lives.

Learning to control your thinking, focus, desire and vision to allow for your wants and needs to be parallel (in harmony, balance) you begin to work within the universal law of balance.   This allows abundance to enter into your life.

Take a look at what you focus your energy, thoughts and desires on?  Do you have an area where there is too much want – but not enough real need?  Is there something you really need- but you secretly, deep down inside do not want?

If you are honest with your self about walking to intentionally create abundance, I encourage you to write this down. Make an inventory of your wants and needs. Where is the balance strong? Where is it out of alignment?

Begin to shift your wants and needs, get them more in balance with each other- then create the vessel to allow the abundance to flow into your life.

Have an abundant day,

Debbra  Sweet





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