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Leadership Skills Development Training Expert Debbra Sweet Featured at Vista Chamber Book Club

Since Sept 2nd, 2011 as aLeadership Skills Development Training Expert I have been a featured speaker monthly at the Vista Chamber of Commerce Book Club.
Friday September 2nd was the first month of the Vista Chamber of Commerce’s Business Breakfast Club.  The Business Breakfast Club is  a Networking group that promotes, teaches, shares and practices “best practices” in Business.   As an  author of “The Power of Leadership in Business Networking”  I has been the guest facilitator/teacher.  
The Business Breakfast Club will meets every other Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at the Vista Entertainment Center.
As a leadership development expert Ispecialize in change management in the areas of marketing, business, leadership, and wellness.  I have been invited to be a regular speaker and trainer for the new Friday Morning Networking program being offered through the Vista Chamber of Commerce.

As a resident of the Vista community since 1993 I saw  this as a perfect way to give back to the local businesses in the area.  My expertise in leadership and  many years of experience as a certified trainer of Word of Mouth Referral Networking has positioned me as a leading expert in this topic.

The lead author of “The Power of Leadership in Business Networking” book series, the voice of “The Power of Leadership Radio” as well as a much requested speaker and trainer on the topic of leadership and networking, I actually have  developed a special series of interactive learning workshops for the attendees of the First Friday Book Club.

The attendees at these Friday morning sessions have been returning each month to be with me to learn about marketing through networking while developing leadership skills.  One member who came specifically to see me speak each month recently raved:

“Thanks so much!  It was a fabulous meeting this morning.  There also seems to be a good energy and momentum to the group! I think the fantastic leadership of Ashley and the “learning environment” created by speakers such as Debbra really make it special!”

Maureen Barrack, Clinic Director

My years of teaching and building businesses by way of integrating word of mouth marketing and networking along with other methods of effective marketing has gives me a unique perspective as a leader in this area. My track record is strong as she has helped many businesses develop ROI in the millions with her knowledge, teaching and training on this subject.

When I am asked about the concept of “The Power of Leadership in Business Networking” book, I share: “This book is not about teaching how to be a leader. This is not about how to network. The concept is how to Be a leader When networking.”   

 “The world is a different place today. It’s not enough to just talk about leadership. You have to live it.  In business, a core commonality of people is to network, to build community.”

“Unfortunately, there are many people who come to networking situations with lack of knowledge that every thing they do has a direct result on whether they will, or will not, achieve the goals they set forth with their networking.  

This book, along with the leadership training program my company has, opens up eyes and awareness that one must be a leader when networking.  This subject is hot on the ears of those who want better business, better results, better relationships- whether it is in the corporate world, mom and pop businesses, amongst college  peers or even at social events.”

My professional and personal experiences validate my reputation with other business owners. People are looking for someone they can look up to, aspire to, someone who is easy to talk to on a personal basis. That is exactly what I do.  I am relatable.  I do my best to be  a people’s person and  a great mentor of success.

For more information about the Power of Leadership Book series or to book  me for an event, go to http://www.PowerOfLeadershipTraining.com

Here’s to your success!


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