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Let’s Get Physical

Creating abundance  on a physical level requires us to take a look at what we already have and understanding what to do in order to create the opportunity for prosperity to enter your life.

After a farmer tills the soil, he will go through and purge any remaining weeds so they do not infest the new crop. If your intention is to have more materialistic things, – physical- things, but you have in your surroundings already either: too many things that you never use, or you have items that when you look at them or think about them- you find that sad, negative, hostile or non-positive feelings surface, you have a blockage (weeds) that will prevent you from attracting positive things.

Too many things are just that: too many things. Sometimes we call people who hold onto too much ‘packrats’. Often there’s a scarcity mindset behind this. One may feel that they have to hold onto everything because they may not be able to get ‘it’ again. This mindset is small; it does not create a vessel that allows for abundance to manifest.

If there’s an ocean full of abundant and prosperous opportunities for you, but you have in your surroundings things that only allow for you to receive a drop- you’ll only receive a drop.

Historically (and a practice still evidenced today) there is a process in harvesting that is called separating the chaff.

Wheat closeup

Wheat closeup

Biblically and historically referenced, separating the chaff is a process by which, the useless parts of a grain are removed from the nutritionally valuable part of the grain.

It’s common to hear about this in the traditional harvesting of wheat. Today this action applies to many other food products. This practice of separating and then purging the old, useless parts of a harvest is the same as what we’ve been talking about above.

The chaff in your life is those things, people and emotions that are not valuable and cannot contribute to a positive harvest of abundance in your life. Another reason to let go of some physical things is the emotional attachments to them. It’s natural to create an emotional attachment by association to our physical things. As stated earlier, if you have physical, material things that when you see them or think about them- negative emotions(mental weeds) surface- the best thing you can do to create abundance is to let it go, get rid of it- literally.

It’s the concept of out of sight, out of mind. These negative emotions are chaff in your life. You may still have those memories dormant, but the trigger- the visual stimulant from that item that allows the negative emotion to surface. When you remove the physical item the emotional trigger that is attached to it will also be removed. This is a big step in letting go and creating abundance in your life.

For some people, this literal ‘purge'( or chaffing) of your things (or friends) will be emotionally freeing. You allow yourself to let go- and this release will give you room to receive new things (or people) in your life. You may want to do this alone- or you may want to have a really good friend by your side for emotional support as you go through this process.

Some people find that as they literally remove the physical things that make them think negatively, the negative emotion will temporarily surface. (It’s called a healing crisis- it’s temporarily resurfacing to allow for a positive memory replacement). On a cellular level, you can create new cellular memory.

The act of ‘purging’ the old – allows you to release the negative emotion. (Negative emotion that remains held onto- attracts new negative things in your life.) After time, this practice of separating the chaff becomes easy and you will find that you can do it more often. The removal of old, stagnant, emotionally binding items or people creates space in your life to receive the new positive things you desire. On an emotional level, as you ‘release’ the negative item, you ‘free’ your emotions as well. This positive result – imprints a positive emotion on into cellular memory- starting the process of positive attraction into your life.

You are on your way to learning time tested, proven insights to creating a prosperous life filled with abundance and blessings. Take the time to purge the chaff in your life. See how great this action makes you feel when it’s all said and done.

Looking forward to sharing next on how to create abundance and prosperity with your health!

Have an awesome day,

Debbra Sweet


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