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Love Lessons from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

It’s always awesome to stop, admire and reflect on the perspectives young minds bring to us ‘seasoned adults’. 

When we talk about Leadership Legacy, we engage in conversation and activities that leave a lasting impression every time we enter or leave a conversation. It carries on when we enter or leave a room.  It’s important to remember that people watch, listen, hear and are moved by our attitudes, actions, conversations and our belief systems.

In hectic times and hectic lives, we as adults can get forgetful of the impact we have on those around us. In the rush and the hubbub of daily activity, it can seem to us (and to others) that we walk with blinders on.  If we are to really learn and embrace the concept the each one of us is leaving a lasting, living, thriving legacy, then it’s time to slow down and remember the basics.  It was recently that I got a reminder of how important this really is!

When we live a life that is a LIVING legacy, we choose to lead each step. We choose to create balance and harmony, we choose to walk away from ideas, actions and attitudes that do not support our goals.  We also understand that a living legacy as a leader involves more than just an outward appearance of title in our business.

A living legacy leader takes actions that create balance and prosperity in all areas of life.  Family, personal time, health, wellness, peace of mind, work, community, time for hobbies, time to nurture and nourish our spiritual life and time for love- true love of life an love of others.

In the quest for complete ‘living’ and BEING that great example, it is important to slow down and remember that part of those who observe us, part of those whose lives we impress upon are our children.

The love lesson reminder I received recently from my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is this:

Remember to take time each day to genuinely look others in the eyes and SMILE.  Take time to GIVE at least 6 hugs a day to those around you. (Hugs are therapeutic and healing by the way. In the act of giving, you will receive hugs also!)  Last, but not least- remember that it is OK to be a kid, and have kid dreams and have kid wishes. It is OK to pursue our kid dreams and wishes with Passion, focus and pure JOY!

It is in that pursuit of those dreams with passion, focus and joy- that we, as adults who also know the power of planning out the actions that make those dreams come true- can truly find bliss!

Let’s remember to honor our children by showing them each day that we do value them. For as crazy as their dreams,ideas and thoughts might sound to us, often you will find within their words Wisdom that we adults need to hear.

They are truly a blessing and their young, unbiased perspectives on the world and towards us- the big kids- can help us stay grounded, on track, living with a purpose and full of fire to show tomorrow’s leaders that they CAN have their dreams!

Enjoy a prosperous and rewarding day,

Debbra Sweet


My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Teacher

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Teacher

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