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The Balancing Act- Part 2

All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

Once you determine what areas you want abundance and prosperity in,  it’s time to fine tune the details as to what is really available.

This takes a little practice and it takes clarity. Sometimes it takes research and it can even include the need to be patient.

In a day of the desire for instant gratification, most people think abundance and prosperity first resides in having material things. Material things are nice- but in the long run, they are just that, material things.   Don’t misinterpret here. There is nothing wrong with having material things unless they predominate your thinking. (A predominance of thought in any one area creates a lack of balance. This is thinking that is out of alignment with principles that allow for true abundance.)

Material things are easy to work with though when starting the habit of specificity.  Being specific in your vision for what you want to be abundant in your life is important.  It creates a goal, a clearly outlined intention.  For example, to attract material abundance and prosperity, if you decide you want a 10 foot tall purple cow for your front yard (remember, this is just an example)-  there is a possibility that it isn’t sitting for you on a shelf at the local store.  A unique desire like that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it- it means that it may not materialize right away in your life.  You may not be able to have it today- but the resources are plentiful and available to have something like this made just for you. You set your vision of it, and then you take an action to receive it.

Here’s another example.  It’s common knowledge that commercial airplanes have thousands of flights around the world each day. To fly across the globe is very available.  If you want to take a public commercial airplane ride to Venice at 8:15 am but there are no public, commercial flights leaving your area at that time, this specific option is not available.   However, you could have abundant thinking and charter a private jet to leave at 8:15 for Venice if you can cover the cost for it.  That is available.  You find out what is and what is not available, then you take action.

When creating an intentional life of prosperity and abundance, you do need to have knowledge of what is and what isn’t available.  Here’s an example of something many people wish for and pray for. They quest for peace on earth. It’s a noble quest- however, according to the Bible, (verified as the world’s oldest record of  current mankind and historical promises on record of what has come to pass and what still will happen)- peace on earth, is not available.

What is promoted year after year during the Winter Holidays is the phrase “Peace on Earth and towards men, goodwill”.   This is a great sentiment- but do you really know where that phrase came from? In the Bible, in Luke, it is talking about the announcement of the birth of Jesus.

The angels are talking to the shepherds and they say in chapter 2, verse 14 “Glory to God in the highest- and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men.” (This is from the Original King James version- the first printing of the Bible in English- so it has the least amount of translational changes from the Aramaic and Greek into English). 

This verse does not say “Peace on Earth” it is “on earth, peace” and the next part clarifies how and to whom the peace is available.  It says: “goodwill toward men.”  When you go back and research the original text, (from the Greek and Aramaic) that statement of goodwill toward men actually reads:

[from God] among [favored] men. (All historic text states “among men of good pleasure”). This means, men who are doing the will of God, will find peace within. 

There is often a translational misunderstanding here- and as we relate it to today’s use of English- this means: “Glory to God, on earth, peace in men who do God’s will”- it’s an inner peace of oneself-not global peace of everyone on earth at the same time.  If you read more of the Bible, you’ll actually see that it states that global peace is not something that is available during this heaven and earth’s life cycle.

The point being here- if we look at peace as something that you desire to be abundant in your life- it is available as inner peace in your life.  Global peace is not. You can have peace in your life because you now know it’s available.  You just need to know the actions now to get that inner peace.

To wrap up this part of the Balancing Act as it relates to prosperity and abundance in your life:  you need to have a balance in your knowledge of what type of prosperity and abundance is and is not available.

The universe revolves around balance.  Start to declare for yourself what type of abundance you desire in your life.  Declare what kind of porsperity you desire.  Are you looking for abundance and prosperity in health, finances, relationships, work, rest, emotional abundance, spiritual abundance or even material abundance? 

Decide what part(s) of abundance and prosperity you want to become prevalent in your life.

Once you decide, consider your thoughts about your choices.

Are you thinking abundantly about it- or do you have a mindset of scarcity about them? When clarifying your vision for manifesting that prosperous, abundant resource, are you clear that it’s readily available – or is your energy focused on something that can’t happen right now?

 Remember- if you do not know how to start to identify what type of abundance and prosperity you want in your life, look at people around you who you admire and respect. Can they be a mentor or teacher to show you opportunity that you might not be able to see for yourself?

Abundant living is a reality. The universe is full of prosperity and resources.  You deserve an abundant life!  You deserve prosperity in all areas of your life. The first step to getting there is to know what’s available.

Stay tuned to find out what the next step is.

Have an abundantly blessed day,

Debbra Sweet


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  1. John-Anthony Oyewobi February 15, 2011 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    Balancing the act I and II have been helpful to me. I’ve started working on myself straight away. As you stated its all about action. Nothing falls off from the sky, a farmer needs the rain to get an harvest but he would definately need to till the soil and plant seeds to produce an harvest. Thanks a whole lot.

    • debbrasweet February 15, 2011 at 10:33 pm - Reply


      Glad you found the blogs. There’s a couple others that come to mind to read- It Takes A Step is another one that is good.

      Please stay in touch. How ever I can help, I am glad to do my part. 🙂


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