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The Balancing Act- What You Need to Know to Attract Prosperity

Tilling the Soil

Tilling the Soil

In creating a life that is more than abundant, another step is to understand what is available.

It may take a bit of research and intentional focus to know for sure what is available but the search is worth the results.  Once you’ve defined clearly what is available for you to receive in your life, the next step to achieving it is to know how to get it.

Preparing Your Field

Just as a farmer prepares as field to grow a new crop, we must prepare our field to receive abundance.

In farming,  there’s a process of tilling the soil (digging up the ground to turn the old soil on the surface), removing the weeds,  fertilizing the ground for new growth (adding healthy nutrients back into the soil)- planning how to lay out the new crops (visualizing) then tending to and harvesting the new growth when ready. This analogy is a great one to understand.  It parallels our understanding of manifesting greatness in our own lives.

Knowing how to receive abundance takes practice to undo unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. It doesn’t happen overnight so patience is needed. You need to understand that where you are in your life today- didn’t happen overnight.  It may not turn 360 degrees over night either.  However, you can take big steps forward in creating new habits and thought patterns that will manifest into the abundant life you want. The more you practice and implement new healthy habits, the sooner you’ll see results.

Much research has been done to conclude that the cells in our body contain memory.  Science has also proven that over the course of 7 years, your body- every single cell- in your body can be brand new.  (If you didn’t know that before- now you do- it’s available.) This is important to understand so you can see the difference between just ‘lightly giving something a try’ versus ‘intentionally creating new habits and thought patterns’ to create results and the life you want.  This element of cellular memory is a huge eye opener to many people.  Keep checking back to read on and discover why.

In learning how to receive the things in your life that you want, you need to prepare the ‘soil’  by first noticing first what you need to get rid of.  A farmer tills the soil to get rid of the old, nutrient deficient soil from the top of the ground- and bring to the surface soil that has more nutrients in it.

A common trait most people have is to hold onto things.  We collect, we store, we keep, we gather – we add to what we already have. This act in and of itself is not bad.  Where this can effect our life however, is in what we keep, what we hold onto- and why. (We hold onto the old without ever tilling it to replace it with new.)

There’s another level also that affects our ability to manifest abundance in our life:  sometimes the things we want to hold onto have intense emotions attached to it that are unknowingly directing your life today.

A hidden secret in creating a life of abundance has to do with balance. 

It’s been scientifically proven through quantum physics that on the smallest level, the molecular level, every single cell moves and while moving, has life energy.  Life is constantly in motion.  There are times when ‘blockages’ can occur.  Cells get stuck and cause stagnation.  To another extreme, when cells get out of harmony- out of balance – when there is too much attraction in any one direction- the results can be catastrophic. Optimal health and life energy is the evidence that cells are in balance.  Disease and death result when cells become blocked, are out of balance and become stagnant for too long.

Remember before when I spoke of cellular memory in your body?  Your cells hold onto memory, both good and bad.  If you want abundance, peace, happiness, less stress, increased finances, friends- etc, but you have been living a life up to today that has been with lack, stress, no peace, depression and you feel alone- your mind, your body and your cells have that kind of negative memory imprinted on them.

There is much information available right now as to the law of attraction and how, on a cellular level, negative vibration (movement) in your life- physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and physiologically, will continue to attract like kind- negativity. If you’ve been living a life that has a negative overtone and you want to change- you have to be willing to let go. Let go of emotions, let go of the guilt, hate, fear, frustration, and even a belief of a low self esteem. In the letting go- you may have to let go of friends and physical things too- because attached to them are emotions.

Emotions play a very deep role in how our body imprints its cellular memory. This cellular memory creates the vibrations that will either attract or repel abundance opportunities.  If your cellular vibration is always negative, you will continue to attract more negativity in your life. It may not be consciously intentional, but it manifests a negative reality.  When you can get rid of the cellular memory of negativity and allow new memory to be imprinted in new, healthy cells, you create an opportunity for positive attraction to occur.

I mentioned early on that when learning how to receive the things in your life, you need to notice first what you need to get rid of- and then you need to  know how to receive. When we collect, store, keep, gather and add to what we already have, we can unintentionally create blockages and stagnation by surrounding ourselves with unbalance.  Remember, where we effect our life is in what we keep, what we hold onto- and why.

I encourage you to start to take inventory of those ‘things’ you hold onto that you have not used or make you feel uncomfortable when you see it – and why.   The beginning of personal prosperity and abundance starts with this action. Check back soon to find out what to do next to create an abundant pathway in your life.

Here’s to living a prosperous and abundant day!

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