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The Habit of Choice

Sometimes when people meet me and speak to me they comment on my positive attitude and passion for the things I do. It’s consistent and it’s strong.

I’ve always considered myself an ‘eternal optimist’,  but saying that and half-full-glassgetting to the point where you live it (positive thinking with passion ) every day can be two different things- and mine didn’t come without having to overcome some serious obstacles in my life.

There are situations when you describe someone as being a ‘cup half empty’ or a ‘cup half full’ kind of person. I would be the ‘cup half full’. I have always had an innate ability to see opportunity where others didn’t.  I’ve also seen beyond the facades that most people put up to the public and see potential in people when they can’t see it themselves.

Taking all of this into consideration- in order for me to get to the point where I am today with my thinking (being very focused, consistently positive and intentional in my thoughts and actions) – I had to overcome some very deep, dark times in my life. I have always seen potential in others- but it was a big accomplishment to see it and believe it in myself.

I usually didn’t have someone there to get through the darkest of those times. Along the way, occasionally, there were a few people who stood by my side – and to you, I am very grateful for your vision in me to be more than what I could see at that moment. Your support and actions are not forgotten – and never will be.

Most of the time, though- I had to get through the struggles in my life and the ‘stuff in my head’ – on my own.  There was no internet with ready information at my fingertips to answer my questions of ‘why’ and there was very little understanding of how our thoughts dictate and impact our life.  Today we understand more about that but not everyone ‘gets’ it.

It may seem unusual to meet someone who is grounded with genuine care about others and has a great attitude.  I am one of those people. Keep in mind, though, that underneath it all, I’m still human and do have a full range of emotions.  I’ve come from places and situations that I would never want to have others go through.  I thank God every day for keeping the dreams and visions he gave me for my life burning and alive through it all.  Part of my journey and my rise from darkness is an understanding of how to create the positive things in my life I want.   It’s part of my destiny to help and show to others along the way that they don’t have to stay where they are if they genuinely want more.

Where this leads to is every day, and in every situation, we are faced with an opportunity to make choices. Each choice leads to the next path in our road.

Your choices lead to habits and your habits create results. This can be good or bad.  The choice is always yours.  To get to the point where you make the choices that lead you down the road you want, you need to be willing to let go and move beyond the ‘reasons’ and the ‘stories’ that hold you where you are today.

One needs balance in life- and acceptance and understanding that a range of emotions (which provide momentum to our choices) is healthy.  The right choices with the right emotion behind them will help you get to where you want to go in life.  Learning that you really do have a choice in how you want to live your life is the first step to achieving your dreams. Understanding what choices are right for you comes with time.

When you meet someone who is focused and positive, you may not always grasp the opportunity that has opened up for you.  You may choose to run from it because you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with that type of thinking – or you can make the choice to learn from it- to embrace it and move forward.

I encourage you each day- consider the choices you are making.  Are they reactive and out of a protective habit that keeps you in a survival mode?  Or, are they intentional and grounded with a focused result in mind?

The habit of choice starts with recognizing this: you do have a choice!   Choose to survive – or choose to thrive. Your future is up to you.

Have an awesome day!

Debbra Sweet





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