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Those Silly Questions Part 1

Over the years I have been asked many times, “How do you do it?”  To those posing that question, I question-markswould ask  back, “How do I do what?”

They would reply, “How do you do all that you do?”  Then they would start to rattle off some of the businesses and activities that I’m currently involved.

I would simply smile and honestly tell them : “I don’t do it alone.  I have a great husband, who helps me with many things, and I have great teams of people that believe in what I do and part of my support system.  It is working together as a team that we are able to leverage time. That allows me to do what I do best, which is to have a vision, create a structure, refine a system to help us reach our goals, and then I manage and lead by example.”

Other people have come to me and privately told me: “You are amazing.  Or, “You are so good at what you do.”  For many years when I hear those types of statements I was always a little puzzled.  In fact, I would look at the person who just spoke those words and say “Thank you”….  And then ask them to clarify.

The reason for this is that I didn’t know what I did, that they were referencing. This type of conversation about me ‘being good at what I do’ privately bothered me, because I did not understand.  I could not see what it was that others were noticing in me.  So I decided to start asking more people to describe what it is I do.

This took some time and the feedback and insights I received were very profound.  In fact, it was when one person said “That’s easy.  You’re people mover”, I felt an impact on my heart.  I knew that those words were something important.

So I asked my friend to tell me more, to explain what she meant.  She smiled, and very confidently said ‘Debbra, you move people to take action.  You are able to show people -by what you do, through the words you speak, and how you live your life as a leader with integrity – that it is possible to have goals and dreams and achieve them.”  She continued, “You give people the courage to follow through on their dreams, and then you show them how to do it so they know that they can and that they’re not alone.”

That conversation was a changing point in my understanding of who I am.  It was pivotal because it brought a lot of personal thoughts and questions I had about myself together. I asked her if I could use those words the next time somebody says, what do you do?  She smiled and said, “Of course”.

Having a clear understanding now of what I do – that other people see (and feel) is powerful. It helped to ground me in my resolve to continue ‘doing what I do’- and know that I am helping others along the way.

So- Here’s my silly question to you today:  What is a dream you have always had that you’ve been afraid or hesitant to go for?  If money or time were no option,  what is it that you would LOVE to do?

If you are ready to take action towards that dream, share it here- and then let’s see what it will take for you to make that dream happen!

Debbra Sweet




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