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Celebrating Women’s Business Month 2019

Women in Business. 

Since the dawn of time, women have had significant roles in life and living.  Designed to be the help mate for man, the compliment, the yin to their yang, or in some cases, the yang to a mans yin, women contribute to the quality of the world on many levels.

Proverbs 31:10-31 outlines the essence of a Godly woman, and one who has qualities that support her business of the family, and her business outside of the home.

Yes, women have been held back, oppressed in many ways for many years. I do not agree with how society in general has approached the human condition as being able to be controlled, expendible.  (That is a subject for a different day.)

My sharing today is to show that since the beginning of recorded time, women have worked. A good woman DOES work.  

Some women choose to invest time an energy into family- and that, we know, IS work. 🙂  (Any good parent, or a tenured marriage partner will tell you so.)

Yet, when you look back in history, and look beyond the work of family and marriage, women have always had opportunity to make wise choices. For food, linens, land, and even business.

Women have been in leadership roles since the dawn of time. Mothers. Wives. Older sibilings. Friends and community.  Each woman who rose to the call of leadership, which, in my opinion, is inherently bred into us, paved the way for women today to do more, be more.

I applaud trailblazing women who are bringing new businesses to the forefront of our economy and ways of the world!  Yet, I will share, I do NOT agree with all the ways of some of the women.  In fact, they give women overall a bad rap.

For those who have struggled, felt like a victim, and now declare their ‘rights’ as a woman via rebellion, wickedness of heart, whose battle cry is victim for cause- I cannot lock arms with you.

See, I too, have been downtrodden, fallen, dismissed, abandoned, overlooked and have had more struggles than most do in a lifetime. So yes, I see you. I hear you. I do not agree with you- and the victim beliefs you hold so strongly to as your shield of honor.

There’s a difference in approaches when it comes to being a change maker. Wear your shield of bravado- but to truly create a lasting legacy, do it with class, strength, grace.  Wipe off the dirt. The scrapes will heal.  You CAN remove the deep cellular connection and negative memory from your traumas to walk into, and lead from your glorious feminine strength.

How do I know? I’ve lived it.  And still do.

The world needs more women who are strong, wise, postive, leading from OUR Yin, backed by the strength of our Yang.  Our creative ideas balanced by organized steps… and the wind in our sails be filled by Divine Design of your Heavenly Creator.

Women in business should be a joy to work with.

As one who was essentially born and raised in business, I’m curious to know about you.

  • What business do you have?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What motivated you to start it?
  • What vision are you pursuing with it?

May you rise to your call and have a business that serves you while serving those who need you! 

“Live in Your Power. Live in Peace”.

Hugs to you!

Debbra Sweet is a transformational catalyst. She is a trailblazer in universal leadership and entrepreneurial education so you have a proven path to create a better business, a better future, and a better foundation upon which to Thrive!

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, she blazes the trail leading others to take action for breaking through boundaries; achieving higher goals & creating a scalable, profitable business with peace of mind and R.O.I.

An entrepreneur since the age of 9, she now is the founder of  www.ThriveRightConsulting.com,

www.SweetMarketingSolutions.comwww.3ReelFilms.com and the “Dare to Be D.I.N.O!” Business Leadership event.

She has been involved with BNI since 1997 and has been a San Diego Director since 2004. Sweet has distinguished herself by breaking boundaries in body, mind, and business.

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